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Handcrafted Goat Milk Skincare

WARNING: The use of quality Goat Milk Soap and Goat Milk Skincare Products can be addictive. There is a very good chance that once you go goat, you’ll never go back. We’re serious… we’ve seen it happen. You can’t say you haven’t been warned.

At Boring Goats our mission is simple – provide superior goat milk products, superior value and superior service, while paying it forward as we do.

Now before you move on, we ask that you do us and your favorite organ (your skin!) just one little favor. I promise this will only take a minute, less if you can speed read.

  1. Follow this link to your “Why choose Boring Goats?” page and learn why Boring Goats will earn the right to be your goat milk skincare provider.
  2. Read the entire page (and no, you don’t have to write a book report).

When you’re done, please feel free to move on to our products, back to your Facebook page, or (if you really must) leave to view other sites featuring nameless, anonymous goats: goats that may not care about you. Sad, I know… but it’s a real possibility.

Free shipping on Goat Milk Skincare… free is a very good price

At Boring Goats we hate to see the high cost of shipping come between you and the unique benefits of genuine Goat Milk skincare. To offer a little relief we are happy to offer two painless shipping options:

-Free domestic “USPS Priority” shipping! Simply spend $35.00 or more and the shipping is on us.

-Any domestic order under $35 ships “USPS Priority” shipping for only $5.00!

Take advantage of these special offers and explore our product pages to see additional money saving offers.

Jaxon’s Product of the Month!

Each month, Jaxon will share with you his pick of the month below. Who knows what he’ll pick, but we’re sure it will be good… because his taste is impeccable for his age! And to celebrate his (and your) good taste, Jaxon’s Pick will be on sale for the entire month!


Mr. Cool here to bring you another Product of the Month. What is my favorite part of summer you ask?! Fruit… all the delicious fruit! When my Mommy tells me “I’ve had enough”… I just grab this sweet bar of Ginger Pear and sniff away. 

  • “Ginger Pear” Goat Milk Soap

    Think Ginger and Pear... Not Mary Ann and Gilligan.  This long lost soap has finally been rescued from Retirement Island.

    4.5 oz’s! 

    Goat Milk Soap
    $2.75$5.50 $2.50$5.00 More Details



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