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Apr 2 2017


Great news Boring Goats family… as of June 2017, our lotions are back on the market!  We would like to thank you all for being so patient.

We wanted to notify you today about an update regarding our lotion products.  As of March 31, 2017, we have temporarily halted sales of our lotion products on our website.  The reasoning for this decision is that we recently found an inconsistency in the quality of some of our lotion products.  We are working hard to pinpoint the cause of the inconsistency, but until then we do not feel comfortable offering products that aren’t meeting our highest quality standards.  The issue is strictly concerning our own disappointment in the quality of some recent products, and not a safety issue regarding the use of the lotions.

We set a high standard for our products and only want to offer you our best, so if you have not been 100% satisfied with a recent lotion order, please contact us at for a full refund of your lotion product.

We truly take pride in providing the highest quality goat milk skincare products and assure you we are working hard to resolve this and make your favorite lotion products available as soon as possible.  We thank you for your understanding on the matter.

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2 comments on “Lotion Update!

  1. Linda Knaeble on said:

    I bought several vanilla lotion that was very hard to get out of the container. I wonder if this is the lotion that was mentioned on your website. Please let me know what we can do to remedy the situation.

    • Laura on said:

      Hi Linda,

      Thank you for letting us know about your experience. The thickness you mentioned, would have been one of the side effects of our lotion inconsistency. This issue has been resolved, and I Would be happy to replace the lotion you ordered. Please email at, and I can get that out in the mail tomorrow for you.

      Thank you for your business!
      Laura Butterfield